Haul ~ MAC & Ulta


Today I bring to you a small-ish haul – and my first experience at MAC!! I have a few items from MAC, but they were either purchased online (more years ago than I care to admit), or at a beauty outlet store (which, by the way, is awesome). I was actually kind of nervous to go to their counter in Macy’s; I’ve heard other people say that the sales people can be rude and intimidating. Luckily, that wasn’t my experience! I also went there with a plan – I researched what I wanted beforehand so I didn’t “window shop” and end up getting more than I needed. I also popped into Ulta for a couple small items that I needed.

Let’s start with MAC.


The first item I picked up was, of course, the Pro Longwear Concealer in NW15. Obviously, it is way to light for me, which is why I intended to use it as a highlight. However, I probably should have gone up to NW20. Also, after purchasing it, I read another blogger’s post which said that NW stands for “not warm”, whereas I assumed it meant “warm”. Whoops! I am definitely warm in undertone, but I have been mixing this with my NYX concealer in yellow and it has helped balance it out a bit.


Being my first major MAC shopping trip, I wanted to keep by purchases to items that I knew would be great – we have all heard our favorite beauty gurus talk about the Mineralized Skin Finish in Soft & Gentle, and since my highlighter collection is slightly lacking, I thought this a purchase worth making. It does have some fall out, but the sheen it gives is AMAZEBALLS. I have been wearing it every day since buying it. It is champagne toned and doesn’t have chucks of glitter, which I love. Super happy I picked this up!


The last item I got was this Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Groundwork. As you can see from the swatch, it is a light, almost ash-y, brown. My original intent was to pick up a waterproof brow gel that I had seen on the website, however, they were out of stock when I got there. Boo. The woman at the counter suggested a paint pot instead and I decided on this one. It is super creamy & long wearing, but when applied to the brow it takes a little work to get the color built up to the correct color-intensity.

On to Ulta!


OooooOOOooo, mini nail files, how exciting. Not, but I have been in desperate need of some travel emry boards to keep in my purse. There is nothing I hate more than breaking a nail while out and then having to deal with the snags and rough edges. It’s a pet peeve. So I got these. The end.


And last, but not least, ABH’s Clear Brow Gel. I ran out of my last one, so needed to pick up a replacement. For a moment I toyed with the idea that I didn’t really need it or could shop around for something cheaper, but then I came to my senses. This stuff is the bomb – it keeps your brows in place all day – they literally will look the same at 6PM as they did when you applied them at 8AM. No joke. Every girl should own this!

What other items are a must have from MAC, I am feeling a brand addiction coming on!

Love, Natalia


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