Mani Monday ~ Essie’s Sleek Stick Nail appliques in Sneek-E


This week’s manicure is another lazy-day style. I received these appliques in a huge Essie haul from Top Hatter – if you don’t know what Top Hatter is, they sell items on auction. I have gotten some pretty cool stuff for cheaper than in-store, but I am also pretty sure that a couple of the beauty products I received were knock-offs. Not cool. However, in this particular situation, I got 20 Essie polishes for $50, plus they threw in this applique set. Win!


This set comes with 18 appliques, 2 in each size. 18 seems like a lot, but getting the perfect fit wasn’t that easy. They seemed to be either a tiny bit too big, or too small. If you have these, go for the smaller size, as applying the larger will make your nails look like they are “fanning” out at the sides. Also, there isn’t an easy way to get rid of the excess if it isn’t located at the tip of the nail.

To apply, simply clean your nails, push back your cuticles, and select the best size for each nail. Pull off the sticker, position on the nail, and press firmly all the way around. Then, use the provided mini nail file and file off the excess in a downwards motion.


The tips of the my nails feel slightly rough, but this fact is nearly invisible to the eye.  Because this particular pattern has gaps in the color, a bright base coat might have been a cool touch. Oh well, next time! I applied a top coat just to seal everything down, especially the tips, but I will let you know how they wear when I have a better idea!

Happy Monday !!!

Love, Natalia


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