Mani Monday + a Review!



Happy Monday!! Mani Monday is going to be a little different this week – I kept the polish simple as we are doing a review of last week’s Mani, as well. I stopped by Walgreen’s last night to pick up some makeup remover, and, of course, had to pick up some makeup products, too. This creamy coral color was in Essie’s new display and I was immediately drawn to it. I also grabbed this gold by Sally Hansen since my only other gold polish is about 5 years old. I suppose it was time.

I kept it fairly basic with just a gold accent nail. My first idea was to do a mix & match with a couple nail art pens that I also picked up last night, buuuuut they suck. Seriously, suck. So I had to start over and didn’t feel like doing anything too labor intensive.


Now, the main objective of this post is to review my manicure from last week, which came courtesy of Influenster and Kiss Everlasting Press-on nails. *I received this set free from Influenster, but all my opinions are my own & 100% honest*

This set comes with 28 nails in 14 different sizes so that you can get the perfect fit for your nail size.  The nails are helpfully numbered with break off tabs that additionally make application simpler.

Haul_16june14_MAC & Ulta 018

The kit includes not only the nails in 14 different sizes (2 per size), but the nail glue, a petite emry board & one of those wooden stick things – I cannot think of the name, but you know what I’m talking about, right?

Application is fairly simple and the directions come labeled on the back. Just apply glue to natural nail, as well fake nail, press on and voila! You’re done! Repeat, obviously.

Haul_16june14_MAC & Ulta 019


This look like your standard acrylic nail; not necessarily real, but not witch-like, either. The length on these is called “Real Short”, which I like – I have never been a fan of longer nails.

They have a shiney finish, but the directions state that you can apply a clear top coat to intensify this shine.

These remained shiney, if clean, but because of the sheen they also looked dirtier quicker than my natural nails.


The box claims that these nails will hold for 7 days, which I think is, surprisingly, a conservative estimate. You can tell quite easily whether you have sealed the nails correctly – once dry, there will be a lighter colored space if the nail isn’t secured on that spot.

My index finger nail came off twice, but I simply saved the nail and re-glued it when I got home. They did not feel flimsy and the hold that the provided glue gave was strong enough that I could do whatever I normally do without having to adjust my movements.

I had originally assumed that these wouldn’t hold up due to my job – taking collars on & off, walking giant dogs, and even climbing during my aerial silk classes was no problem. My nails were slightly sore the first day, but felt completely normal after this.


The directions state you should file off the top layer of protective coat, then soak the nail in an acetone-based polish remover until the nail becomes soft. I did this, and then were easily able to pry them off gently.

They do leave a slight – chunkiness – due to the glue. Also, they did leave my nails slightly uneven and rough underneath – as if they had taken a 1/2 layer of my natural nail off with the fake nail. However, they didn’t feel weak and I just applied a nail strengthening base coat to help them heal.

Bottom Line

These are super easy to apply, last longer than stated (even if you work a lot with your hands!) and are simple to remove. They do weaken the nails slightly, but not half as bad as if you had acrylic nails applied at a salon. I also really enjoyed the length – I saw in store that you can get longer lengths – which I thought was a great option depending on your personal preferences. I like short nails, but they offer longer ones for those of you that prefer length.

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ out of 5

These retail for $6.99-7.99, which I think is a great price point. I could technically get 2 applications out of these, since the sizes increase so gradually that going up or down one size doesn’t make that much of a difference.

They have a variety of other styles and lengths to suit your personal preferences. I would definitely purchase these, which is saying something as I have never had an interest in press-on nails. Great job Kiss!


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