Mani Monday ~ Kiss Everlasting French Press-on Nails


Happy Mani Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend. The boy and I spent a couple days at his parents’ house, which is on the Russian River. It was hot. I mean, REALLY hot. So of course we lounged and drank too many beers. Well, I drank more than my 3 drink/week limit, but not THAT much.

Tonight’s post is going to be relatively short as I didn’t actually paint my nails at all. I actually had my first ever experience with press-on nails! I have never really been interested in press-ons, but was sent this Kiss set free in my Influenster SpringFling Voxbox. My first one of these, too!

They were incredibly easy to apply and have so far stayed intact through washing dishes, cooking dinner, and  removing my contacts (carefully!). I also made an attempt to paint the tips glittery, failed horribly, and had to remove it. Still, they are going strong!

My original idea for this post was to do a 2-in-1 Mani Monday + review, but have decided to give it a week (the box claims that the nails will last this long) so that I can get a really good idea on how they hold up and wear. So far, so good though!

Just a reminder – my 100 Follower Giveaway ends on Friday, 6/13, @ 11:59PM PST!!! Check out the link to enter here and see the sneak peak here. There will be a couple surprise EXTRAS included in the giveaway for the lucky winner, so be sure to get your entry in quickly!

Good night all!!!

Love, Natalia


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