May Reading List ~ BowWow Edition

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I just fished a bug out of my tea…then continued to drink it. Is that gross? Probably, but I didn’t want to go all the way back to the kitchen to make a fresh cup. Yay for laziness!

I have a plethora of dog and dog training related books that I purchased when I first started training, but have only read 1 or 2 of them. Lately – well, the last couple days – I have been feeling pretty down about my dog training experience. I mentioned in my Jane Haul that I had finally found a new person to help me out in the training department, but, sadly, things did not work out. I am more bummed than I usually am (this is the 4th time I’ve lost my partner!) because, unlike the others, this guy had a TON of experience. Not only that, as there are lots of people with experience, but he had experience using the types of tools and techniques that I use, which is rare. I was learning the most interesting, effective and useful methods from him and he was getting my dogs to places on day one that would’ve taken me 5x as long. I got my hopes up, then got pooped on.

So, in an effort to not only make myself feel better, but to expand my dog-knowledge (as I should be anyways), I have delved into my book shelves and started some new reading material. My hope is to get through at least one work-related book per month, though I have currently started reading 3:


I am 95% finish with Lipstick and the Leash (appropriate for this blog, right???) and just started Koehler’s book, which I actually bought by accident as “utility” training apparently has to do with obedience trials. Control Unleashed I had to start over – I’ve been “reading” this one for about 6 months now.

Do you have any good training related books that you recommend? Let me know in the comments!


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