Mini Ulta Haul ~ Jane Cosmetics


My “i” key is stuck-ish, like there is a crumb crammed underneath it, so if I my spelling seems wonky, that is why!

This past week has been a bit crazy, thus my slacking in terms of posts. I wasn’t able to get up my Mani Monday post last week, but there is a picture on my Instagram account – the link is in the sidebar, if you are interested. Work has been busy, but gradually slowing down. I have finally found a new trainer to help me out!! Additionally, he has lots of previous training experience, meaning I do not have to spend weeks teaching him the ropes. However, he is slightly different, style-wise, which is both good and not-so-good. Good because I have found that his knowledge-base can teach me lots of new and effective techniques, but not-so-good because he already has so much experience meaning it is hard to find a balance between his style and mine. It has only been a couple days though, so we’ll have time to work out the kinks.

ANYWAYS, on with the haul! I received an Ulta gift card from my mom for Easter, so I stopped by on my lunch break to pick up a few things. I was originally going to pick up another DipBrow Pomade from Anastasia, but they had absolutely NONE left. I remembered hearing about Jane Cosmetics from Tati of GlamLifeGuru, so I headed over to that section. And low and behold, they were having a special – buy any two eye or lip products for $10! So I picked up the following:

Jane_Clay Matte Eyeshadow

Eye Shadow in Clay Matte: I picked up this color in the hopes that it would be a good crease/transition shade. The color is exactly as the name describes – a matte, clay-like color, which equates to a soft brown. It was slightly powdery when I swatched it, but had good color pay off for a light color.Jane_Lime Green & Black Eyeliner

Water Resistant Eye Liner is Lime Green & Matte Black: I was in need of a new black, retractable liner and had heard good things about Jane’s so grabbed the black. I also noticed this vibrant, awesome bright green as well and had to snag it. I posted a look with the lime green on my Instagram, if you want to see how it looks on! When I swatched these and let them dry for a moment, they definitely have some staying power, but if rubbed they will come off. Interestingly, the black rubbed off gradually, but the lime green came off all in one kind of chunk. Hmm.

Jane_Metallic Lilac Water Resistant Liquid Liner

Water Resistant Liquid Liner in Metallic Lilac: From the picture above, you would assume that the color is a purple shade, but in person it looks more like a metallic pink. However, it does apply as a purple. No biggie, as it is beautiful and stays PUT. When swatched, it dried with a unbudging finish; when rubbed, just a small amount of the shimmer came off.

What Jane products have you tried and what did you think?

Love, Natalia


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