Beauty Haul ~ Ulta & more + April Wish List Update

I hate health insurance. Not the part where they pay for my doctors visits, prescriptions, etc., but the part where they take all your $$ then make you jump through hoops to get anything fixed or to ask a simple question. I switched plans at the beginning of the year when my premium cost increased by over 100%, and it has been nothing but problems ever since. I enrolled in a new plan through the same company and called to be sure that they would cancel my old plan once the new one went into effect. They assured me it would cancel itself once I didn’t pay the bill. So, I pay for the new one and think I am good to go. Then, a couple weeks later, I start receiving bills for almost $500, which I assumed were from the old plan and were sent out before my cancellation went all the way through. I ignore them. THEN, I get letters saying that the premium I paid for the new plan was only partial payment on my $500 bill. WTF?? I call, find that my old plan was not, in fact, cancelled and this is why I am receiving all these bills. We fix it and I think, finally! this crap is all taken care of.

It wasn’t.

I get a check in the mail about a week later, refunding me all the money I paid to enroll in the new plan…so back on the phone I go and find out that they applied my payment to the wrong plan. When I asked how that was possible as I had to pay online with a specific identification code included in my offer letter, I get the run around and usual “mistake in the system” B.S.

So, let’s just say I was pretty flustered after all this, took my check, cashed it, and went to Ulta (responsible, right?). Here is what I picked up:



Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Nourishing Styling Treatment w/ Argan Oil{Retail $21.95 for 4.2oz} I have been in need of a new hair oil and didn’t want to spring for the pure argan oil just yet. We will see how this works! **April Wish List? √!**

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Touchable Weightless Hairspray: {Retails $17.95 for 9oz} I was out of hairspray. I heard this one was good. I bought it. The end. **April Wish List? √!**

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lavish Palette{Retails $24.00} This palette came out over the holidays but was only available for a limited time. When I tried to buy it, it was already sold out, so when I heard it was coming back for an encore, I immediately went to the site and purchased it! Unfortunately, it is out of stock again 😦 **April Wish List? √!**

Batiste Dry Shampoo for Dark and Deep Brown Hair: {Retails $8.99} This was a repurchase, though I had the Medium/Brunette color before, but they were out of stock at the time. The touch of color isn’t so strong that the difference between medium and dark brown is noticeable (to me anyways).  **April Wish List? √!**

Philosophy Purify & Refresh Kit{Retail $43} I had originally intended on only picking up the Take a Deep Breath Moisturizer with SPF 35, but as I was looking around I found this kit! I had wanted the Purity Cleanser last month, but didn’t have the dough so this was a deal! Unfortunately, this version of the Take a Deep Breath doesn’t have any SPF, which I wanted for the coming summer months. **April Wish List? √!**

I also purchased a mini hairbrush to keep in my purse, but forgot to put it in the picture! Also, high five for staying on track with my Wish List and not going bug-eyed and grabbing everything in sight! Want to see what else I have on the April Wish List? Click here to check it out!


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