Collective Shoe Haul ~ BCBG, Sorel, Altra & db shoes

Collective Shoe Haul

I am not as crazy about shoes as some people, but seriously, who doesn’t love shoes?!? In my high school and college days, I pretty much wore flip flops, exclusively. Maybe some flats here and there or a pair of heels on a special occasion. My shoe-habits have changed quite a bit since then – I mostly wear running/athletic shoes for work (& when working out, obviously), boots or flats on a day-to-day basis, and heels whenever I can get away with it! I have finally gotten rid of all but one pair of heels that remain from the high school days and have slowly been re-growing my collection – much to the chagrin of the boy.

However, since I have been more regular with my workouts, which often include running, I have begun to develop calluses on the little bones on the outside edges of my feet. Now my once little, tanned, soft feet are starting to look rugged, rough and *gasp*!, wider.

Sad face 😦

I am determined to still wear pretty shoes, though. Pain be damned! So, in honor of this “pain is beauty” mood, here are a few little gems that I have collected in the last month!

BCBG booties

These are, by far, the most fabulous shoes I own. I usually hate booties, as I have short, fairly athletic legs (horse legs, according to the boy) and shoes that cut off at the ankles usually make me look like I have hooves. However, while out shopping with some girlfriends we went into the BCBGMaxazaria outlet and BAM! It was love at first sight. And, as fate would have it, they were having a 50% off sale on all their shoes!! SCORE! Unfortunately, they only had a few sizes left and none were my size so I gave up for the moment. I kept going back to them so I attempted to squeeze my foot in to a pair of 5.5’s (I’m usually a 6.5) and voila! they fit (with a little elbow grease)! It was magical.

Sorel Glacy Explorers

These are more “necessity” than “want”, but I have yet to have to opportunity to wear them. I had high hopes of going snowboarding at least 4-5 times this season, but with the worst winter conditions in 100 years, that just didn’t happen. I do not own a pair of snow boots and have been getting by with a fuzzy pair of converse boots, but I was tired of feeling like my toes would snap off. I had seen some really cute Sorel boots, but couldn’t deal with the price tag until I realized that Athleta was selling these Explorer Glacy ones! They still cost more than any other pair of shoes I’ve bought before, but I justified it because I charged it to my Banana Card (because that’s not real money, right?). The color was what really drew me to these – the beige with a pop of neon in the laces said fun and functional. Hopefully, the boy and I will get to the snow one more time so I can test them out!

Qupid Mary Janes

I was in need of a classic pair of mary janes as most of my other heels are either brightly colored, or have other aspects of interest. These fit the bill perfectly! They are not quiet as high (~4in.) and aren’t platformed, like most of my other heels, so will stay functional longer, I think. They have a little cut out on either side of the strap, making them every so slightly different than your average mary jane, and have gold hardware.

BCBG Laser Cut heels

These were also purchased at the BCBG outlet and were a STEAL! I think I ended up paying $35 (almost 3x less than the booties :/). They are a black felt material, which is the only downside to these, the booties and the mary janes – the felt gets dirty easily and will eventually rub off, so I have been very careful when I store them. I have seen lots of this type of laser cut heel lately, so will definitely be on-trend this summer. They also have a zipper at the back, which I absolutely love!


Lately, I have noticed a “pulling” feeling in my arch when I run, so I picked these up during a sale on The Clymb. They haven’t fixed the pulling in my feet (apparently I just need inserts) but they are incredibly light weight and comfortable! They are technically trail running shoes, which I don’t do much of, but have been working great in boot camp – the floors we work on are extremely slick and these help give me traction!

I have a surprise party to go to this week, which of the heels do you think I should wear???

Love, Natalia


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