Review: Nicole by O.P.I. “Roughles” Polish in On What Grounds?

Nicole by OPI Rougles

This polish came in my March IPSY Glam Bag, and at fist glance, I was fairly neutral on the color. It is a pastel, baby blue, with what looked liked flecks of glitter. I threw it in my nail polish stash and forgot about it for most of the month, then last weekend, decided to pull it out and give it a try. The color looks like it would be a great spring/summer lacquer, and I was intrigued by the colored glitter. It reminds me of blue confetti cake!

When I first started to apply it, I immediately noticed that it was going on in one coat. Score! The glitter seemed to be a bit chunky and was edging out beyond my nail as I swiped (like when your polish is going bad and you get those “stringy” parts at the tips). I didn’t pay that much mind and just fixed the tips as I went. I will admit, I was multitasking at this point, doing a nail or two at a time then returning to the computer. It wasn’t until I was almost done with both hands that I noticed the texture – it looks like cement, complete with rough texture, and was drying with a matte finish.


Nicole by O.P.I. Roughles Textured Polish Swatches

I haven’t been into the more “gimmicky” textured nail polishes, but I didn’t completely hate the finish as it gave my nails some interest. HOWEVER, within 2 hours of applying, a few of my nails had already chipped. The polish seems to flake off with little to no effort, and by the end of day two they were looking pretty jenky. Perhaps if I had applied more than 1 coat the polish would have held up longer, but I tend to think that it would’ve become and thick, cakey mess, due to the texture. I could not find these on, but would think they cost somewhere between $6-8. On a good note, when I went to remove the polish, it came off easily with nail polish remover and a cotton ball. I had initially assumed that taking this kind of textured polish off would be similar to trying to remove glitter (read: impossible).

Rougles Nail Chipping

Bottom line: I would not purchase any more of these! The other colors look very light and summery, but the lasting power is next to nothing and the textured part is odd. I guess some people might like cement on their nails, but I would much rather a glitter.

Score: 2 out of 5. While I wouldn’t purchase any more of these, it did go on opaque in one coat and I do like the colors – had it had any longevity I might have considering purchasing more. As it stands, I would not recommend these!


Love, Natalia



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