Mani Monday ~ Pastel Laser Lights



I have decided to start a series! Mani Monday – not the most creative of names, but it works. Every Monda,y I will be posting a new manicure. It may not necessarily be a design each week, but I will try to keep it interesting! In honor of this being the first post in this series, I thought I would do something art-sy as opposed to a single color – here is what I went for:


I called this mani “Pastel Laser Lights” because that is what they reminded me of! Or, when you see lights at a concert – you know what I mean. The inspiration for these came from MissJenFabulous on youtube. If you are interested in checking out how she did it, you can find her video here.

Start out with a base color of your choice. I used Zoya Dot, a pastel pink that I received in an IPSY Glam Bag a month or so ago. This polish needs 3 coats to be opaque – I tried to get away with 2 but it was still streaky. Make sure your base is completely dry before continuing.


Next, get a nail striper and a white polish – I used Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear in White On – and make the “lasers”. Simply stripe them in whatever pattern you choose! This step will make a base for the other colors. If you are going to be using light colors, like I did, then this step may be unnecessary. However, if you are using a dark base, then you will need the white so that your “laser” colors will show. Again, wait for the white polish to dry before moving on.


Pick out what colors you would like for the lasers – you can just do one color, leave the white and call it done, or pick a few – I decided to use 2 colors: Essie’s Bikini So Teeny and No Place Like Chrome. Take your striper, clean off the white polish, and dip it into your first polish – DO THE LIGHTER COLOR FIRST! In my case, this was the Bikini So Teeny. Begin tracing over some of the white lasers. It should look something like this:


Let it dry, then fill in the rest of the lasers with our other color(s), finish with a top coat and you’re done!


Super easy and cute! Let me know what you think about this series – is it something that you would be interested in seeing every week?

 Love, Natalia


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