BowWow Trainee: Bruno


Meet Bruno!! He is a 2 year old yellow lab that I have been training for the past week and a half and have basically made my new “accessory”.

He came to me after being a Guide Dog “reject”; his new owners adopted him in the hopes that he could be a stability therapy dog for the husband. Bruno had been trained through Guide Dogs on his basic obedience before leaving the program, but had been unable to pass his NSAR service dog registration in order to be accepted to stability school.

And that is where I came in!


So far, he has been a model student, and since he already knew his commands, we have been focusing on the requirements for his service test. These basically entail being controllable, on-leash, in a public setting. This has allowed me to take him on field trips and really test him out in different situations.

I have taken him to the feed store, a couple jogging sessions, our down town theater district, and to an event where we have a booth. The event has been the biggest test as there are lots of new people of all shapes and sizes. Tomorrow I plan on taking him to the farmer’s market.

Bruno goes home on Sunday, which I am a little sad about 😦 However, his owners generally drop him off for daycare once or twice a week, so I won’t have to miss him for long!

Wish him luck on passing his service dog tests!!!


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