Hiking with the BowWows

We’ve been on a hiking-streak this weekend. First, we went to Helen Putnam Park and did a relatively quick jaunt up to the top of the hill. We like this hike because it isn’t a long trek to reach the entrance – it is actually within walking distance from my parent’s house. We usually go off on one of the side trails to make the hike more interesting and to add a little difficulty, but you really have to watch out for ticks. This time we decided to take a different trail than usual and it ended up being shorter, but the view at the top was amazing!

The next day, we hit Bodega Bay, to one of the boy’s favorite hike spots. We have to access this hike through private property, so I am not super stoked to go there often – I am more into following rules and worried that I will anger the homeowners. The boy has been multiple times and has never run into an issue, so I suggested that we go now that the weather is getting nicer. This hike is a bit treacherous as the path hedges along a seaside cliff and is mostly used by cattle. Also, there are lots of cow pies and muddy spots to avoid. The first time I went on this hike, I had just recently adopted Zephyr and didn’t know too much about his personality. I made the mistake of letting him off leash and he immediately took off after a little herd of sheep. It is a good thing there wasn’t a shepherd around, as Zephyr can look pretty wild. However, the end view is totally worth any apprehensions that I have – it takes you to a private beach that doesn’t look to have been touched by anything but cattle and other animals. It is the ultimate romantic picnic spot!

The BowWows are now happily passed out on the bed with the boy – it has been a weekend well spent!


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