Review: Lather & Fizz Bath Boutique


I love bath products. And face products. And hair. Ok, I love most anything to do with keeping the body looking and feeling amazing. Extra points for being local and hand made, just like the inventory at Lather & Fizz.

I happened to run across their store in the Squaw Valley village while in Tahoe for my birthday. At first, we passed it by – at first glance I thought it was a baby store. But further inspection when we walked by a second time after lunch negated that assumption.

I had to go in.

The entire store had a soft, scented smell that didn’t overwhelm the senses (unlike the smell of paint from the guy renovating a closet next to my office right now), and I spent about 20 minutes sniffing everything until I finally decided on some products to purchase.

I ended up purchasing the Milk & Honey Face and Body scrub, a Mimosa scented massage bar and the Clarity Glycolic Skin Balancing Treatment.

The Details:
lather&fizz_milk&honey scrubMilk & Honey Scrub. {$27.75 for 11oz} This is, by far, the most delicious smelling thing I have ever put on my body. It is scented just like the name suggests, and I literally want to eat it. It comes with a Popsicle stick to mix everything together, which I kept, as you need to mix it up before each use. It leaves a slight oily feeling on the skin and you want to be careful you don’t slip in the tub as it can make surfaces slick. I used it all over my body, and as it leaves a slippery residue on the skin, I found I could shave after and not have to use shaving cream – score! I did occasionally use it on my face, but since I have oily skin already, I always made sure to use a cleanser after. Lastly, I found that it kept my skin feeling moisturized throughout the day, without having to use a lotion. I tend to have dry legs, especially in the cooler months, but this kept them non-itchy and soft.

Bottom Line: Buy it. Immediately.

lather&fizz_mimosa massage barChami’s Mimosa Massage Bar. {$9.95 for 1 bar} I initially thought that the “massage” referred to the product being used like a type of massage oil. However, the friendly sales girl informed me that they are actually a moisturizer that you rub onto your skin. They are made from 100% cocoa butter, and because of this their website warns of the potential for melting during shipping. The warmth from your skin softens it every so slightly so that it can transfer, then you can massage it in more deeply. The feel isn’t quite like a normal moisturizer – it has an oily texture to it. Because of this, I like to use this in the evening before bed as 1) I can do it in bed and not worry about spilling it on the sheets and 2) it doesn’t leave me feeling slightly damp, like normal lotions, and thus my clothing doesn’t stick in an uncomfortable way. The scent, contrary to the name, is actually more creamsicle than mimosa, which is totally fine by me! They had a variety of other scents, too.

Bottom Line: Delicious scent, handy & compact enough for travel in COOLER climates. However, if you do not like an oily feeling on your skin, then you may want to stick to typical lotions.

lather&fizz_clarity glycolic balancing treatmentClarity Glycolic Balancing Treatment. {$24.95 for 2.2oz} I was in need of an evening serum-type face treatment and decided to give this one a try! It claims to smooth skin, open pores, remove dead skin cells and aid in the exfoliation process with 12% alpha hydroxy acids. Now, I couldn’t say if it removed dead skin, but I did notice a slight improvement in my texture. The website recommends daily use for best results and suggests the treatment be used both day and night. However, when I used this in the AM under my makeup, I noticed that I became oilier quicker, my foundation broke down and I got a bit cakey in certain areas. No bueno. This could have been just a bad combo with whatever foundation I was wearing that day, but I have not used it in the morning since.

Bottom Line: Nice night-serum, but I would not recommend use under makeup.

The Wrap Up:

Lather & Fizz is a must-stop if you happen to be in the Truckee, CA, area, but even if you aren’t, you still need to check them out online! Try anything that comes in the Milk & Honey scent (I know I will!). They have a multitude of other products (soap, lotion, shower vapors, bath bombs, candles, oh my!), enough to strike even the pickiest’s fancy. A little on the pricier side, but comparable if you are also a Lush junkie. Give them a try, you wont be disappointed!


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